Sunday Recap

  • Each week that goes by I think that we are continuing to “gel” as a church…I love the energy and “vibe” of Sunday Mornings!
  • Unsettled hit it out of the park today. When I saw the songs from Michael earlier this week I knew it would be special…but it was better live. They started the service with Modern English “Melt with you”… awesome.
  • This was the most difficult week ever for me in preparing to speak but the easiest when it came time to actually “let fly”. As hard as it is to be truly candid as a pastor it’s worth the “agony”…I know it will make us a church that is “real”.
  • Good turn out today… we were a few short of last week…but people are continuing to come and bring their friends.
  • a couple of times everyone coughing made it sound like a anyone not sick???
  • I hate that we are “scrambling” to put together something for Easter…obviously God has plans that are better than mine.
  • Offering was much better this week…not quite budget but we are good to go for another week.
  • actionkidz is about to start a new class for 2 and 3 year olds. And they actually have volunteers to cover the expansion. I am so proud of what the “kidz” team is accomplishing.
  • We still need someone to help on Sunday mornings for set up to help with video…but it is so cool to see how many people are volunteering in other areas. Seeing people use their talents and resources to further this dream is my favorite part of Sundays now…

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