Stuff we're working on…

After week one here is the stuff we’re working on:

  • Better organization for set-up and tear-down. We had lot’s of help this week but were actually a little slower because we don’t have a system developed that is easily worked by people who have never done it before.
  • More Set up and tear down crew. We would like it to be a rotating “shift” before church (Maybe twice a month at first) We would like to have different people tear down so that the set-up crew that got there at 8am can leave.
  • Jeff and Chrissie in actionkidz need more help! Some people indicated on their survey cards that they would like to help out…we need it. I loved walking up the stairs to actionkidz after the service and hearing a kid say “Mom that was Awesome!… actionkidz rocks!
  • We need a place for infants… The new heated deck area is much quieter and much better suited to mothers with small children but we need someone to guide them out there and make sure they are comfortable…we have a screen and (Small) speakers in place now. We just need a better method to guide them out there.
  • A “video dude” or “dudette” we are looking for someone with skilz in recording and producing video intro’s and short interviews for the service.
  • Web site help… One of my biggest disappointments was not having a “good/cool” website up to welcome our guests…. Right now we are using a godaddy freebie template that I update. (link) We will be investing in a new website…but we are looking for someone with a passion to keep it fresh and updated.

Are you part of the solution to any of the things we are working on? After attending actionchurch do you see more stuff we should be working on…except for my hair, t-shirt choice, and love of the word “freakin'”?

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