It aint about "karma"…

I was watching a re-run of “My name is Earl” the other day…and in the episode Earl decided to give up doing good things for the people he had harmed…because “Karma” wasn’t giving anything “good” back to him. (I guess he didn’t factor in the “Karma” had taken him from being a career petty criminal to being someone who actually added goodness to the lives of those around him…)

I believe the principle of “getting what you give” (or “karma”) is part of God’s plan. I believe that if you live life in a kind, loving, and generous manner…you will experience a more fulfilling life. I believe “doing good is good for business”. If you run your business in a honest, generous, “serving others” manner…your business will be more successful. But I also believe that you can do all of those things and really awful things can still happen! Life isn’t always “fair”.

I think many Christians (especially preachers) do a disservice to people by telling people that “If you live for God you will be blessed in everything you do!” “If you give to the church you’ll never want for money.” “If you read your Bible and pray everyday God will protect your family and friends.” etc. In the end, this “My-Name-is Earl-karma-theology” leaves people just like Earl in the episode I just watched… disappointed and defeated.

In reality the Bible is full of people who lived pretty amazing lives and still faced some horrible circumstances. People who were absolutely faithful and still had moments when life sucked. What I’m depending on is that through good times and “bad”, God has the best plan for our lives and we can trust him to have our best interest in mind. I can’t think of a better way to say it than King David (who truly had some unbelievably “low” points in life) said it in Psalms nearly 3000 years ago…

30 God’s way is perfect. All the Lord’s promises prove true. He is a shield for all who look to him for protection. Psalms 18:30

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