Donkeys and Elephants, oh my!

I guess this should be said… Even though we are in the thick of the presidential political “season”… I’m not going to be posting on the blog or talking about politics at church this year. Do I think it’s important who wins the White house? Yes I do. It’s just not the important thing. The most important thing at actionchurch is that people hear about the hope that Jesus offers. Anything that gets in the way of that is just not worth talking about.

Right now if you endorse either a “donkey brand” or “elephant brand” politician for President you will alienate the other “half” of the population. I am more that willing to alienate people because they don’t like the fact that we talk about Jesus. I am even willing to alienate people who don’t like what we say about (or how we say it) about Jesus… I am just not willing to alienate anyone from hearing the Good News over something as non essential as politics… I’m not even gonna put a political bumper sticker on our cars… Seacrest out.

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