The flywheel is turning…

Ever wonder why there are giant flywheels in factories that weigh thousands of pounds? Ever wonder why your car engine has a (smaller) flywheel? You don’t care, do you? …don’t worry…I’m gonna tell you anyway.

Flywheels are designed to keep things in relatively smooth motion. Their large mass makes them hard to “start” but equally hard to stop! In our automobile engines flywheels help translate the force of 4,6,or 8, cylinders into one relatively smooth, fluid, motion.

The “flywheel” of actionchurch is beginning to pick up momentum. At first it seemed like it took amazing amounts of effort to make the dream of actionchurch “move” even a tiny bit. As other people put their efforts behind the flywheel, it slowly picked up momentum. Now with our first test drive service behind us and more people pushing the flywheel it’s beginning to feel like it’s moving “on it’s own”.

Our next Test drive is just ten days away (1.13.08). You can be part of the momentum! Bring a friend. Tell someone about actionchurch. Come early and help our amazing set-up/hospitality crew. Love kids? Join our actionkidz team. Consider supporting actionchurch financially in 2008. If we all push together we can create an “unstoppable force” for good when we officially launches on 2.10.08. See ya at the “flywheel”.

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