Stuff I learned in 2007-Criticism

I used to believe the people that say that you should/could “ignore” criticism… I don’t know about you but I find that to be impossible. Here’s some stuff I’ve learned about dealing with criticism in 2007.

  • Don’t be surprised by it. Every time I read the Gospels I notice how many time the heading is “Jesus’ followers are criticised”…still are…nuff said.
  • If it’s “true”-deal with it. All criticism is painful but the most painful is the stuff that is true or at least has a basis in truth. I really struggle with this, but the best plan is to admit it’s true, deal with it, and move on…
  • If it’s not true- don’t spend too much time defending yourself. I’m not Jesus (understatement of the century) so I still struggle with “turning the other cheek”… but I have learned that the people that criticise the most don’t usually care if what they are saying is actually true… so it’s pointless to devote your life trying to prove them “wrong”. Let God be the judge.

Bottom line: Deal with criticism-just don’t be “paralyzed” by it! The most important thing I have learned in 2007 about dealing with criticism is that whenever we buy into the lie that we must prove our “sinless perfection” to others before we can do whatever God wants us too-we’ve already lost the battle! God’s word is filled with imperfect, flawed, “messed up” people…who for some reason were chosen to do amazing things. That certainly doesn’t give us and excuse to be sinful jerks…but it does mean that we should trust that God knows our past, our flaws, and our future faults…and still chooses to love us anyway.

Come to think of it, that’s pretty much how we are supposed to treat others-even our critics!

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