It's a "runner"

I’ve been describing our “test drive” services as “building a prototype”. (link) To be honest I’ve never built a prototype or started a church before. I have had the opportunity to build a few old VW’s over the last 10 years. I’ve had the experience of starting with a rusty old shell and a dream. I’ve ordered boxes of parts. I’ve planned and revised. I’ve suffered hundreds of cuts and bruises as I repaired old parts and bolted on new ones. I’ve experience that one glorious moment when all the sweat, all the expense, all the boxes of parts and pieces comes to “life” and I’ve been fortunate enough to take my “dream” out on a test drive around the neighborhood.

Yesterday felt just like that to me… It’s not just “my” dream, but I am glad to be a part of it. actionchurch still needs some adjustments, some tweaks, not everything works yet. (I am going to throw my computer remote out the window!) However, I know from experience that once something is a “runner” it will never go back to being a dream and boxes of parts. Most project cars (and church plants) don’t make it to the “test drive” stage…I am so thankful that actionchurch did! I can’t wait to “tune it up” and take it for another spin!

For the gearheads: Picture is of my 74 VW thing. “bob”

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