Did ya get the memo?

I’m an idiot…I freely admit it. That’s why last night I managed to turn into the entrance of the fair from the wrong direction. To make matters worse, Michele was dutifully following me in her SUV so we were like an “actionchurch motorcade”-going the wrong way of course. I wasn’t surprised when the fair “police” stopped me at the gate and told me I had come in the wrong direction…I said I was sorry and I recognized I had made a mistake. He was going to make us go back out and come in the right direction until I respectfully asked “wouldn’t that mean we would have to go down this street the wrong way in order to turn around and do it the right way?” He decided to let us in.

Here’s what really made me laugh though, both the “ticket taker” and and “parking pointer” who were only five feet away and definitely in earshot of our conversation decided to stop me and remind me that I had come in the Gate the “wrong way”. Both of them! This whole ridiculous scenario reminded me of two things: First it reminded me of a clip of one of my favorite movies, Office Space. (clip) Second, it reminded me how important it is that actionchurch is a church that points people in the right direction (to Jesus) instead of pointing out the wrong turns they may have made in the past. Seriously, after being told three times in a row that I had messed up and perhaps I should go back out and “come in the right way” I had a “Vietnam flashback” of a couple of churches I have attended. So remember, at actionchurch we believe it is our “job” to love and serve people (no matter how many wrong turns they have made) and God’s “job” to judge and point out sinful behavior…if we could all just make sure we do that from now on…that would be greaaaaaat.

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