Five things I learned at the York Fair

Two day’s into the fair and here’s what we have learned:

  1. People love Dunkin Donuts Coffee…especially free Dunkin Donuts Coffee…just not so much when it’s hotter than the face of the Sun!
  2. People love the Race car, people want to try to get in and drive the race car…thanks to Bob and Joan Lash for bringing the car and hanging out with us all day. (Especially since it was wrecked pretty hard last Sunday night…Bob really thrashed to put it back together!)
  3. I should have paid attention in math class…especially fractions…Thanks to Joan for teaching me how to make coffee that doesn’t cause cardiac arrest!
  4. Kid’s love Balloons, but I suck at tying them…thanks to Shaun for teaching me how to tie a balloon…wow I have a skill now.
  5. Bloomin‘ onions and Funnel cakes should not be eaten in the same month…let alone the same meal…and never before a spinning kiddie ride…I’m just sayin’.

We are having a great time meeting lots of new people and telling the actionchurch story. If you are out at the fair this week we will be across from 105.7 the X and the Fairview Cafe every afternoon after 4. See you at the Fair.

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