Top 10 Reasons we meet in a Nightclub

  1. I think it’s where God wants us to launchsimple as that. Obedience is my number one priority as a leader.
  2. Jesus would do it if he were hereSorry, my hero Jesus didn’t get his reputation as a drunkard and friend of sinners hanging out at potlucks and “praise gatherings”…
  3. It’s just a buildingdoes meeting in a nightclub mean you endorse drunken behavior? No more than meeting in a hotel means you endorse adultery and promiscuous sex. Or, meeting in a theater means you endorse “bad” movies. Or, meet in a school means you endorse evolution…or meeting in a church means you endorse all the ridiculous crap people do in the name of “religion”.
  4. It’s just a building (part 2)…since we believe that actionchurch is called to be a multi-site, multi-venue church…it’s important that participants realize that the “church” is not the building. Someday I believe we will meet in schools, nightclubs, theaters, multi-purpose buildings etc. all over this area and beyond.
  5. Location, Location, Location Fat Daddies is on one of the highest traffic count streets in east York, across from Lowes and Walmart, next to Perkins and Outback. (Of course if you live here you already know that…because almost everyone knows where it’s at!) It also doesn’t hurt that it was available on Sunday mornings!
  6. It fits our values“if we are going to be the church for people who don’t normally go to church, we must go where churches normally don’t go”!
  7. Sound and Lighting GearSince Fat Daddies is a already a great rock venue it already is set up with the gear that actionchurch needs to “do business”. Cutting to the bottom line…it saves us over $50,000 in start up costs being able to use their sound and lighting rig…and their sound man will run it on Sunday mornings…God is good!
  8. StorageWe are able to store all our church signage and gear on premises… that means no trucks, trailers, and storage spaces to purchase and rent. Once again, huge savings in start up cost.
  9. It welcomes lost, letdown, and looking peopleand makes “religious types” really uncomfortable.. Both aspects are good in my opinion. By meeting in a club we hope to attract two types of people: those who are curious about Jesus and are comfortable in a nightclub setting, and those who are extremely uncomfortable in a nightclub setting but love Jesus enough to put that aside to tell others about him!!!
  10. It’s “buzz-worthy“… one of the biggest battles of a church plant is letting your community know you even exist. I think being the “crazy new church in the bar” is “something to talk about”. Will it bring criticism? Big time! Does it matter as long as we become “un-ignorable“! I don’t think so. If you love actionchurch, tell a friend! If you hate actionchurch and think we suck and are evil…tell everyone you know!

Disclaimer: This is a list of reasons why we choose to meet in a Nightclub. actionchurch does not believe all churches should meet in clubs. We are not “against” buildings with steeples, bells, or giant clown heads for that matter. We don’t have all the answers. YMMV. Do not attempt if you are pregnant or nursing. Professional driver in a closed course. May increase your risk of vomiting and skin irritation. Call your doctor if your annoyance with this disclaimer lasts for more than four hours.

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