Wanna buy a cup of coffee-or 100?

The local Dunkin Donut franchise(s) owner was really generous in his bulk pricing for our York Fair Give Away. We are able to give a way a 10 oz Dunkin Donut Premium Coffee, just like you would purchase in one of their stores, for a little less than .25 each! That includes the Dunkin Donuts cup, lid, and any sugar, sweetener, or sugar someone might want. That’s pennies away from the cost of going to Sam’s or Walmart and buying the cheapest coffee , cups and lids. I truly believe that if we are going to give our neighbors anything “in the name of Jesus” it had better be great! (People form their ideas about Jesus by how his followers treat them.)

So, want to join us in our Coffee Give Away? You could purchase 100 cups of coffee for only $25.00. How about 1000 cups for only $250.00? Or 10,000 cups for $2500.00? Seriously, I don’t believe we will be giving away 10,000 cups of coffee (yikes) but it will be thousands in the ten days we are at the fair.

If you would like to help with the cost of this give away, please use our online giving tab on the side of this Blog. Michele and I could also still use some help at the Fair to pass out coffee, blow up balloons, and generally hang out!

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