action heroes-"Going out of your way".

How has your week been? Have you been able to use you “position” in life to help someone? I’ve heard a couple great stories about people being “action heroes” this week. The first story is very funny but impossible to “tell”. Let’s just say that our unnamed “action hero” showed hospitality to a young magazine salesman who desperately needed to use the restroom. Hilarity ensued as the “gastricly distressed” salesman proceeded to re-enact the bathroom scene in Dumb and Dumber for what seemed like an eternity. Meanwhile our “heroine” was on the phone with her husband who was hovering between calling the police, an ambulance, or rushing home to kick down the bathroom door as the minutes ticked away. In the end (pun intended) everything was okay as a very appreciative and pale salesman did finally emerge from the “facilities.”

Millie in Idaho started her story of helping “someone” by asking if it “counted” to help lost animals. She went on to tell about finding two dogs who had escaped from their yard running loose in the street. With the help of her family she was able to capture the dog’s, leave a note for their owner, and “dog sit” the animals at her home until the owner could pick them up. It’s a great story so I’ll let her tell it:

” There was one point in time that I asked myself, “IS this really worth it to help these two tiny creatures? After all, you are tired, hot, not feeling well, on and on goes the scenario. BUT, helping others isn’t always “convenient”—usually NEVER convenient! :) I felt God was saying, “How many times have I helped you through difficulties“? Well, needless to say, I DID remember and I KNEW He wanted me to help these little balls of fur!!!!! It’s just like us with Him. We are all running all over the place, THINKING we are having a ball, ignoring all of the danger signs!
Those two little guys certainly taught ME a lesson! I was having a really difficult day dealing with “things” and wasn’t in any “mood” to be helping others/other things! :) I had been asking God to give me someone I could encourage and help, and look what he sent my way————-2 fur balls that needed someone to rescue them from their escape from home!!!!! GOOD LESSON IN THIS EXAMPLE!!! God DOES HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR!!!!

Wow, As a pet owner I can just imagine how thankful those dog owners were that someone went so far “out of their way” to help them. Let’s let these stories be the inspiration for our next “mission”.

Mission #2. Go “out of your way” to help someone. Do something “inconvenient”, something “over the top” something “too much” to help someone this week… We would love to hear your story this week in either the comments or at

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