Reagan helped me wash the cars today. She’s been “helping” me since she could barely walk but today she wanted to earn 50 cents to buy some stickers, so it was her first car washing “job”. Since she doesn’t read this,(she’s 4 after all) I can tell you that she isn’t really a “help” to me. When she “helps” I usually end up drenched from being sprayed by the hose, and the job takes twice as long. You know what though, I love having her “work” with me!

I think God looks at our efforts as his children to “earn” his blessing or attention much like I look at my daughter’s efforts to “earn” money by helping me wash the cars. God can do whatever we can do better and faster without us…but he loves to have us “help” him. So many times we think we are “earning” when he knows we are actually “learning” to be more like him.

Speaking of learning , the picture is of Reagan washing the wheels on her own “ride”… Just like Daddy. That’s my girl.

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