Sunday School Song Questions

If Vh1 ever does a “40 top Sunday School Songs of all time” countdown, what do you think the Number one song would be? (It could happen, they already counted down the 40 most softsational soft rock songs.) My vote is for “Jesus Loves Me” in the top spot, with “This little Light of Mine” and “Jesus Loves the Little Children” rounding out the top ten. Did I miss any?

I can’t imagine any song could beat “Jesus Loves Me” on the countdown. Does anyone in America not know that song…even if they never stepped foot in a Sunday School their whole childhood?

I wonder if “Jesus Loves Me” is so ingrained in the thinking of American church goers that it affects the way we “do” Christianity. I’m not “hatin on” Jesus loves me…It was the first song we taught Reagan…she calls it “The bible so”. Although it is always dangerous for me, I’m just thinking out loud.

What if we “did” our lives as Christ-Followers a little less “Jesus Loves Me” and a little more “Jesus loves the little Children of the World“? What if our lives were a little less “They are weak but he is strong” and a little more “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine“? What if the message of the church was a little less “for the Bible tells me so”, and a little more “Red and Yellow Black and White, all are precious in his sight”? Would a simple change in focus and attitude change the way we connect with the world around us? I think so.

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