In the game.

York Relay for Life at night…

We just completed the Relay for life and like the rest of the team I am exhausted, a little sore, and a lot “fried”. I realized this morning as I watched the sun rise over the track at West York High after a two hours of sleep in a tent, that my “aches and pains” are because we, as a church, are officially “in the game”.

This was our first public event and I am excited to be in the game of “letting our light shine so that others will see our good works and praise our father in heaven”. I am excited about being in the “game” of interacting with our community. (Wow, did we meet some really great people!) I am excited to be in the “game” of helping those hurting with cancer. Most of all, I am excited to be in the “game” of putting the teachings of Jesus Christ into action!

It’s easy and safe to constantly “study the playbook” in church. It looks “spiritual” to become an expert at the X’s and O’s of faith. It’s convenient and low risk to stay in the “Holy huddle” but it eliminates the possibility in actually changing the “scoreboard” of life. You can get exhausted when you are in the “game”. You can get sore and banged up, you can even lose, but a life filled with endless practice and no “game time” isn’t worth much… it’s just kinda sad.

I don’t know the “outcome” of our 24 hrs spent at the Relay. I am very excited about the possibilities but time will tell how profitable our time was. I do know that as tired and sore as I am… I am proud of our little team for choosing to get in the game!

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