Where the "action" is.

The York Relay for Life starts at 4 this afternoon. We will be
setting up “camp actionchurch” around 3.

When Jesus was with us here on the earth he didn’t just “lecture”. He didn’t just “teach and equip”. He didn’t just have religious “services”. He spent much of his public ministry healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and eating with the “sinners” that the religious community rejected. The whole “point” of being actionchurch is to put his teachings and example into action. Although we may not have the ability to heal everyone with cancer in our county, we are very grateful to be even a small part of the Relay for Life which helps treat and prevent cancer all over the world. We are so thankful to the volunteers and staff of the American Cancer Society for putting on such a great event.

To be clear, being part of relay, giving away water, joining with other county “relief” agencies are not just promotional of “publicity” stunts to let people know about actionchurch. Although we will undoubtedly make connections and be known by these “actions” (as Jesus was by his miracles) our purpose is to be an “inside-out” church that actually exists for those who are not attending. We are looking forward to sponsoring a team at the Relay next year, after launch.

If you are in the area and would like to stop by, here is a link to the relay location. Map to West York Senior High School (link)

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