My favorite TV "Evangelist".

I have had the privilege of hearing some truly great preachers. (Andy, Perry, Mark, and Ed come to mind.) Josh “Chop” Towbin, however; may have the most raw, natural, preaching “skilz” of anyone I have ever heard!

Besides having the best theme song (link) on television since the OC , King of Cars just rocks! (I am the pastiest white guy in the world and I am able to horrify my wife and daughter by “rapping” along with the theme.)
I don’t know If Chop is a follower of Jesus…the show just doesn’t make it clear either way, he could be. What I do know is that he preaches the “good news” of Towbin Dodge ownership with truly relentless passion. He uses his music, humor, and creativity to “evangelize” the entire Las Vegas area.
Here’s a few “ministry tips” I have picked up from Chop…
  1. Make it fun! (every aspect of buying a car at Towbin Dodge entertaining! Their infomercials get sitcom ratings on local TV.)
  2. Dooz it Large”- (…king of cars baby, we dooz it large, baby….Every thing at Towbin Dodge is done “large”. Nothing is ever half way, okay, just “good enough”.)
  3. Your most important “sermons” are to motivate your team! (Chops sales team meetings are a fusion between a revival meeting and a prize fight intro…)
  4. Be passionate about your “product”! (Chop raps about cars, talks about cars, restores cars…)
  5. If it matters, count it! (The Towbin crew is obsessive in “keeping score” and celebrating sales…could be why they are #1 in the nation for sales.)

Check out King of Cars on A&E Television and see if you agree that Chop is the best television “evangelist” ever!

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