Perry Noble-"Unleashed"

In March Michele and I went to the UNLEASH conference at Newspring Church. (Perry Noble is their lead pastor, check his blog in my links.) Newspring just posted the main sessions of the conference for free! (Here is the link)

To give you some perspective: I drove the family (10 hours) to S. Carolina. Stayed 2 nights in a hotel. Drove home (12 hours) in a freakin snowstorm. Pumped gas in 4 inches of snow wearing flip-flops. (I’m dumb and didn’t check the weather before we left S. Carolina.) And guess what, It was worth it! Unleash was like a shot of adrenalin straight to the heart.

Watching Unleash for FREE sitting in your bathrobe in front of your computer is a very sweet deal. Take advantage of it if you can. The only thing “missing” from the video feed is how Amazing the music was and how unflippingbelievably loud and clear Newspring’s sound is.

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