Spot light: Unity Pro Audio and Video.

Last week i posted about some great kingdom building companies that make the vision of actionchurch possible.

One of these Companies is Unity Pro Audio and Video. Matt Schwartz is the owner and one of the few “AV guys” I have met who truly “gets” what it takes to produce a relevant church environment today. Steve Caldwell is his right hand man and is actually a “survivor” of a youth group Matt and I served in years ago! (Wow does that make me feel old!)

I’m Spot lighting Matt and Unity Pro today because he is working in Bombay, India with Lamar Boschman this week. Please pray for safety and success for him and his team! I’ll try not to sound like I’m either eulogizing or dating Matt, but he is truly someone I have grown to trust and respect with all my heart. Through the years we have played in a band together, served in youth ministry together, spent countless hours in a fishing boat, and survived two church sound system purchase/installs. In addition, I think he’s helped my family move at least four times, and still our friendship has grown! Matt truly models what it is to be a Godly father, husband, business leader and still be a real “dude” to hang out with.

In the months leading up to our first “Test Drive” service (11.11.07) Matt will be designing our complete Audio and Video worship experience. I’ve seen these guys in action and It will be incredible!
Next Spotlight: Like our Logo’s/Graffics?

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